10 Must Have Body Care Products

May 01, 2020

10 must have bathroom products


Everybody has their favourite bathing ritual - what's yours? Shower or bath? Bubbles or oil?

  • Most bath and shower gels are made from plant based surfactants (the cleansing and foaming ingredients).  We fragrance ours with essential oils. There's nothing better than releasing the natural perfume into the bubbles under a lovely shower preferably with a Mediterranean sea sponge.
  • If you love a bath then bath oil is a great way to relax and lock in moisture.  Many bath oils are made with natural oils such as sweet almond, grape seed and jojoba. Our bath oils are water dispersible and make with mineral oil and essential oils. Our resident beauty scientist says that mineral oil is the best for very dry skin and excema. As an added bonus the bath is not left so greasy due to the oil dispersing agent.
  • Bath salts are an invigorating alternative to bath oil. Bath salts can be made with epsom salts, rock salt or sea salt. Artful Teasing bath salts are unusual because they use only Dead Sea Salt.  These have long been thought to be very beneficial to the skin, and have even been used to alleviate the symptoms of skin diseases such as psoriasis.
  • Let's not forget your hands - a beautifully fragranced hand wash can lift the spirits several times a day. Using essential oils ensures aromatherapy benefits.


  • Exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells smooths your skin and can unclog pores. It is not advisable to use a body scrub more that once a week as your skin is delicate and very important!  We definitely want to avoid those scrubs and polishers that contain small plastic beads that end up in fish as they are washed into our rivers and seas. Our Dead Sea Salt body scrub is made with coconut oil. This means that when you wash the scrub off your skin is left beautifully silky and smooth and the exfoliating salt crystals are safely dissolved.


As we get older dry skin becomes more and more of an issue. I have only discovered this in my 40s and 50s - I was a hopelessly dark haired, greasy person who spent hundreds of pounds trying to keep my skin and hair matt and spot free!  Moisturising is the act of preventing water from escaping from your skin.

  • If you have really dry skin you might want to consider body oil. Our body oil is made from coconut oil and macadamia nut oil. Macadamia oil is very high in palmitoleic acid, a fatty acid which is very similar to the oils in the sebum. It is also perfect for use as a massage oil.

macadamia oil

  • Is applying body lotion part of your daily routine? A body lotion is the quickest and easiest way of getting moisturising power onto large areas of your skin.  If it spreads well and soaks in easily without leaving your skin tacky then it makes keeping your skin well moisturised and in tip-top condition not just a chore but a pleasure.
  • For intensive moisturisation a body butter is great for softening knees and elbows. Shea butter is the perfect ingredient. Shea butter comes from the nuts of a West African tree. The nuts are harvested and processed by women's co-operatives.
  • The best kind of hand lotion is one that does not leave you hands slippy or greasy. The best way to ensure this is to use ingredients that sink easily into your skin. Our had lotions contain a blend of shea butter and sweet almond oil.
  • For an extra moisture boost hand cream packed with unctuous oils gives your hands a soothing treat. Our hand creams contain shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil, all of which build up the skin's natural barrier function.